Games, Code and everything in-between.

Software has been my passion since I was a young kid. The idea of commanding a computer to make something beautiful, interesting, or helpful to a user just seemed like magic! Passionate about games my whole life, I knew at a young age I had the drive needed to break into the game industry. After years of work with other extremely talented engineers and designers. I’m ready to take my skills onto the next fun and thought provoking game or app!

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    My favorite part of the Game and Software Development industry is how you get to rapidly change to new tech. With that being said, I'm no stranger to the following!

    • C#
    • Unity3D / XNA / Unreal / Flash
    • Java (Native Unity3D Plugins)
    • JavaScript / HTML5 / ASP.NET
    • SQL / GO / Micro Service Models
    • And always adapting with new teams!

    A Few Accomplishments

    Jerry the Bear

    Jerry the Bear is a plush bear with Type 1 Diabetes. In the app, kids with T1D can learn how to treat Jerry using Augmented Reality games and fun storybooks. On Jerry the Bear, I worked with this small team to push out multiple feature updates, localize the app in 3 languages, and technical overhauls to existing systems!

    Play it free on iOS or Android

    My Special Aflac Duck

    Sproutel is all about affecting change in children with life altering health problems through fun, educational, and interesting gameplay. I was asked to help out with bug fixing and localization support, which involved creating a localization platform that the company uses today to localize all their applications. I feel really blessed to be able to work on a product that gets to help kids through battling cancer.

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    Game of Thrones: Conquest

    Being part of Turbine’s 2nd mobile game was revolutionary for my career. Seeing how a company grows from there next game is really special. Watching the tools, tech, and people learn and grow as a team made me a stronger engineer all around! I’m also blessed to working with one of the largest IP’s to date. On this project I worked heavily with all parts of the client. From Architecting game systems to UI, it really feels like a game that wouldn’t be the same without my part.

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    Batman Arkham Underworld

    Working on Turbines first mobile game was a blast! I learned how to implement a robust and extensible server architecture for mobile games. Writing custom plugins and optimizing for 1gb devices really tested my Unity3D skills. I also did a lot of the core work on porting the game to android, which gave me a ton of platform specific experience. There's a lot of interesting challenges with maintaining huge player base.

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    Global Game Jam 2016

    With a theme of “Ritual” our team decided to make a relaxing, carefree, zen filled game. No win states or lose states, just enjoy this relaxing and meditative game. Clear trees, rocks, and grass to progress, or simply cycle through the beautiful scenery.

    Play it free on Android!